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The composition and working principle of desktop ICP spectrometer

lolͶעƽ̨ǶԪ˳ķ ɨֹƵϵͳתϵͳݴϵͳAppɡͬʯӢвڷֱͨϲͭȦ<ͨȴˮ>ƵĸƵ(Ƶ40MHz1.2KW)ͨȦʱΧųʹӺӣڴų¼˶ԭײĵӺӣھγڵγɵӾ()ֵ¶ȿɴ10000KϡˮҺγܽʯӢͨԭܵµ룬ڼ̬ԭʮֲȶӽϸܼԾǨ̬ʱͷų޴һĵŲʽȥͬԪزͬסЩͨ͸䵽ֹеĹդϣͨƲתդ,ֹĴԪ߹ǿ׼ȷλڳ촦籶ܽ߹ǿתΪپ·V/Fתɼݴɴӡ

ICP spectrometer is an analytical and testing instrument for multi-element sequential measurement. The instrument consists of a scanning spectrometer, a radio frequency generator, a sample introduction system, a photoelectric conversion, a control system, a data processing system, and an analysis software. The plasma is in three concentric quartz torch produced. The torch tube respectively in the tangential direction by argon gas, the torch tube wound with copper upper load coil cooling water in < > when the high-frequency current generator generates high frequency (frequency 40MHz power 1.2KW) through the coil, the alternating magnetic field generated around, so that a small amount of argon ionized electron and ion acceleration, and other neutral atomic collisions in a magnetic field, generated more electrons and ions, forming a vortex in the torch tube, forming a plasma torch in EDM (plasma), under the action of the plasma temperature can reach more than 10000K. The measured solution by spray forming the aerosol into the quartz torch center channel. Ionization of atoms in the outside world under the action of the energy, but the atoms is very unstable, from higher level transitions to the ground state, will release enormous energy, this energy is in the form of electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength. Different characteristics of different elements. The spectral characteristics of shot splitter grating in the lens through the calculation, control the stepper motor rotates through the grating, the transmission mechanism will light after the measured spectral line intensity is accurately located in the exit slit, photomultiplier tube of the spectral line intensity into the current, after dealing with the circuit and V/F conversion after the data processing by computer, finally the results printed by the printer.

̨ʽ lolͶעƽָ̨

Two, desktop ICP spectrometer technical indicators


1 radio frequency generator (RF)

(1) ·ͣԼ񵴵·ȫԶйʵֵApp(Ϩ𡢹ʵȲ);ʵʱʿ;Զƥг;Һ;

(1) circuit type: self oscillation circuit, full automatic ignition, all functions to achieve the computer software control (ignition, extinction, power and other parameters); real-time power control; automatic matching tuning; room temperature;

(2) Ƶʣ40.68MHZ0.05%

(2) operating frequency: 40.68MHZ + + 0.05%

(3) Ƶȶԣ<0.1%

(3) frequency stability: <0.1%

(4) ʣ700-1600w

(4) output power: 700-1600w

(5) ȶԣ0.3%

(5) the stability of output power is less than or equal to 0.3%:

(6) ųй©ǿȣ300mm 糡ǿE:<2V/m

(6) electromagnetic radiation leakage intensity: from the fuselage 300mm electric field strength E:<2V/m


2 sampling device:

(1) Ȧھ25mm3

(1) output coil inner diameter 25mm, 3 turns

(2) ܣ⾶20mmʯӢ

(2) the torch tube: Quartz torch 20mm diameter tube

(3) ͬ⾶6mm

(3) the diameter of coaxial sprayer 6mm

(4) ˫Ͳ⾶35mm

(4) the outer diameter of the double drum fog chamber 35mm

(5) ƹѹ

(5) specifications for argon gas flow meters and gas carrying pressure gauges:

١ (100-1000)L/h ;(1.6-16L/min)

Plasma flowmeter (100-1000) L/h; (1.6-16L/min)

ڡ (6-60)L/h ;(0.1-1L/min)

Auxiliary gas flow meter (6-60) L/h; (0.1-1L/min)

ۡ (6-60)L/h ;(0.1-1L/min)

Carrier gas flowmeter (6-60) L/h; (0.1-1L/min)

ܡ ѹ(0-0.4MPa)

Fourth, the carrier gas regulator valve (0-0.4MPa)


The instrument is equipped with argon two pressure regulator (0.3MPa)


3 metering device:

(1) 籶ܹ R212UH

(1) photomultiplier tube specification: R212UH

(2) 籶ܸѹ200-1000V ȶ<0.05%

(2) photomultiplier tube negative pressure: 200-1000V, stability <0.05%

(3) 籶ܵΧ10-12 -10-4A

(3) photomultiplier tube current measurement range: 10-12 -10-4A

(4) źŲɼΪV/F1mVӦ100Hz

(4) signal acquisition for V/F exchange: 1mV corresponds to 100Hz


4 light splitter:

(1) ·: Czerny-Turner

(1) optical path: Czerny-Turner

(2) : 1000mm

(2) focal length: 1000mm

(3) դӿʴȫϢդܶ3600/mm

(3) specifications: ion etching grating holographic grating groove density 3600 line /mm,

: 80110mmɫɢʵ0.26nm

Line area: 80 x 110mm, reciprocal dispersion line: 0.26nm

(4) Χ190-500nm

(4) wavelength range: 190-500nm

(5) ֱ: 0.008nm

(5) resolution: 0.008nm

(6) ɨ貨Χ3600/mm ɨ貨Χ190-500nm

(6) scanning wavelength range of 3600 lines /mm scanning wavelength range: 190-500nm

(7) Сࣺ0.0006nm

(7) stepper motor drive minimum step: 0.0006nm

(8) 죺20m 죺25m

(8): 20 m entrance slit and exit slit: 25 m

(9) 侵(78 105 16)mm

(9) specification of transmitting mirror: (78 x 105 x 16) mm

(10) ͸3011

(10) Phi 30 1:1 imaging lens.


5 Application Industry Segmentation


1, metal

̼ظ֡Ͻ֡ߴϽ𡢹 ʯǦұȡ

Steel: steel, cast iron, alloy steel, Gao Chuntie, iron alloy, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, vanadium iron, iron ore, lead smelting.

2, non-ferrous metal analysis:


Pure copper, pure aluminum alloy and analysis of impurity elements in.


Analysis of the purity of precious metals: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ir, Rh, Os, Ru.


3, environmental testing


Water quality analysis: mineral water, tap water, river water, sea water, sewage, waste water, etc..


Food analysis: including food, beverages, etc..


Analysis of soil composition: analysis of biological and plant samples.


4, rare earth materials and rare earth permanent magnet


The separation of rare earth elements is very suitable for the analysis of rare earth elements.


Analysis of the distribution and composition of NdFeB materials in rare earth permanent magnetic materials.


5, geological mineral analysis


Analysis of mineral exploration and prospecting of ore selection


6, food and pharmaceutical analysis


Analysis of beneficial and harmful elements in food and trace elements in medicinal materials

̨ʽ lolͶעƽָ̨

Three, desktop ICP spectrometer technical indicators


Measuring wavelength range:

180-500nm 3600L/mmդ

180-500nm 3600L/mm grating

180-800nm 2400 L/mmդ

180-800nm 2400 L/mm grating


2 measurement precision (repeatability): the average relative standard deviation is less than 1% RSD


3 measuring stability: the average relative standard deviation is less than 2 RSD


4 detection limit: sub PPb level


Four, installation conditions

1ʵࡢ޻ҳ񶯡± Ϊ223

1, the normal working conditions of the instrument: clean, dry, no dust, no vibration in the laboratory. Room temperature maintained at 22 degrees C + + 3

2䣺15ƽΪˣб׼ҺԼ񣬵Σյ1.5 2ƥ

2, room: about 15 square meters is appropriate, with standard solution reagent cabinet, computer desk, computer chair, air conditioning 1.5 - 2.


3, power supply: 220V, 22A, the use of 4 square wire.

4ӵأΪ˰ȫȶиƵӵأ3003003mmͭ ڵ1.5ÿ300.5mmͭӵĻϡ

4, ground: for safety and stability of the instrument, there must be a high frequency ground, with 300 x 300 x 3mm copper plate buried 1.5 meters underground, a width of 30 * 0.5mm to a host of the copper belt.

5ŷ磺ҪϷװŷͲ̴ѲŷȽICPȼպķ ŵ⡣

5, exhaust requirements in the host is installed above the exhaust tube, external chimney and exhaust fan for the exhaust gas after combustion to discharge ICP.


6, argon: ordinary argon can be used 99.99%


Five, warranty:

ԪƼҵṩ12µı, ǩ֮ 㣬֮15. ڱڣԪƼ޹ ˾άޣڷǼ׷Ϊϼ𻵣ҷѸ (Ʒ);

Beijing ye ie-tech Co. Ltd will provide the warranty period of 12 months, counting from the date of signing the acceptance, but not more than 15 months from the date of delivery. In the warranty period, Beijing ie-tech Co. Ltd. Ye free maintenance, equipment failure and damage caused by the non party human factors. Party B is responsible for solving free (except consumables);

̨ʽ lolͶעƽ̨ۺ

Six, desktop ICP spectrometer after-sales service:

յûҪά֪ͨ3СʱڣԪƼҵ ļԱӦҪϸûֳԱյ ֪ͨ2ڵûء

After receiving the written notice of the maintenance requirements of users within 3 hours, if you need to respond to user work on-site technical staff in Beijing ye ie-tech Co. Ltd., technical staff will work to reach users within 2 working days of receipt of the written notice within the.

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